Card Games

21 Duel Blackjack
Blackjack game that utilises community cards in hands and offers the '2 Up' side bet
American Blackjack
Blackjack game based upon Las Vegas rules offering features such as Split, Double and 10-Card Charlie payouts
Traditional Baccarat game with payouts of up to 9:1 and enhanced payouts of 12:1 for side bets
Baccarat Mini
Live dealer Baccarat game played with fewer decks of cards in which the dealer reveals all cards for faster paced action
Blackjack Cashback
Multihand Blackjack game played with 6 decks and a cashback option available before a hand is complete
Blackjack Half Double
Multihand Blackjack game in which players only lose half of the bet in a doubled hand if the dealer has Blackjack
Blackjack MH5
Blackjack game allowing you to play up to 5 hand simultaneously and offering features such as Double and Insurance
Blackjack Mini
Three hand Blackjack game offering features such as Double and payouts of up to 3:2
Blackjack Peek
Multihand Blackjack game in which the dealer checks for blackjack in the case of a face-up 10 card
Blackjack Premium Single Hand
Single hand Blackjack game played with 6 decks of cards and offering payouts of up to 3:2
Blackjack Premium
Multihand Blackjack game offering two side bets, the 21+3 bet which pays out up to 100:1 and the Pair which pays up to 25:1
Blackjack Pro
Blackjack game played with one deck of cards and offering features such as insurance, split and double
Blackjack Progressive
Multihand Blackjack that offers a progressive jackpot side bet and fixed payouts of up to 5,000x
Blackjack Super 21
Blackjack game with special payouts for specific hands such as 6-card 21 or Diamond Blackjack
Blackjack Surrender
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Multihand Blackjack game with the option to abandon a hand in exchange for half the bet
Blackjack Switch
Multihand Blackjack game that allows switching cards between two hands
Blackjack UK
Multihand Blackjack game that allows players to Split up to four hands
Buster Blackjack
Multihand Blackjack game with a side bet on the dealer going bust that can pay up to 2000:1
Caribbean Stud Poker
Casino poker game played with five card hands, linked to a progressive jackpot and offering payouts of up to 100:1
Casino Hold'em
Five card casino poker game offering an AA side bet and payouts of up to 100:1
Hold'em Showdown
Texas Hold'em game where you need to predict which hand will win before the flop
Live 3 Card Brag
3 card poker game played against a live dealer and offering payouts of 1:1 up to 40:1
Live Casino Hold'em
Live casino poker game played with five-card hands, complete with AA side bet and payouts of up to 100:1
Live Hi-Lo
Classic card game played against a live dealer and offering payouts of up to 11.56x
Live Mini Baccarat
Single player Baccarat game played with eight decks of cards and at a faster pace to traditional Baccarat
Live No Commission Baccarat
Baccarat game played with live dealer without 5% house commission but with even money payouts
Live No Commission Mini Baccarat
Mini Baccarat game played without 5% house commission but with even money payouts
Live Unlimited Blackjack
Blackjack played with a live dealer and an unlimited number of players at each table
Lucky Blackjack
Single hand blackjack where player bets on outcome of dealer's hand and offering payouts of up to 19:1
Lucky Lucky Blackjack
Multihand blackjack game featuring side bet that offers payouts of up to 200:1
Pai Gow Poker
A combination of poker and the Chinese game of Pai Gow where the player takes on the dealer
Perfect Blackjack
Multihand blackjack game featuring the perfect pair side bet and payouts of up to 25:1
Traditional British blackjack game played with eight decks of cards in which a 5 card trick beats the dealer
Progressive Baccarat
Baccarat game played with six decks of cards, numerous side bets and a progressive jackpot
Red Dog Poker
Casino poker game in which players bet on whether a third card will fall between the first 2 dealt for payouts of up to 11:1
Card game played with 5 decks where you need to create a hand higher in value than the dealer's and can win a progressive jackpot
Tequila Poker
Casino poker game that combines poker with blackjack and offering payouts of up to 200:1
Wild Viking
Card game that combines roulette and poker and offers a progressive jackpot in addition to a top payout of 1,000x

Card Games at Casino King

It is impossible to imagine a casino without the excitement of the card games. Whatever you game of choice, card games tend to combine skill and luck and bring you some of the most exciting winning opportunities to be found and here at Casino King we offer a comprehensive selection that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning of players.


Blackjack is without a doubt the most popular of all casino card games and here you will find a wide selection to choose from. All of the games are built on the same basic principle, you need to build a hand of cards that is higher in value than the dealer’s but doesn’t exceed 21. It is a fast paced game that offers you the chance to win significant amounts of money. One of the great things about Blackjack is how many different versions there are for you to enjoy. Purists will be satisfied with Classic Blackjack but you can choose from many other games. There are variants such as Blackjack Surrender in which you can opt out of a hand and lose just part of your bet if you think you have a losing hand, Blackjack Switch in which you can exchange cards between hands, Live Blackjack staffed by professional and friendly dealers, Progressive Blackjack, Blackjack UK and many more.


Famous for being James Bond’s game of choice, Baccarat is an elegant card game that offers a great deal of excitement. The basic idea of the game is to build a hand of cards as close in value to 9 as possible. You can choose to bet on the Player, the Banker or a Tie and the game is fast paced and very exciting.There are also a number of side bets that you can place in Baccarat which will win you additional payouts if the first two cards dealt form a pair. Furthermore, you will find a few different variants of Baccarat to enjoy, particularly in the Live Dealer Casino. You can enjoy No Commission Baccarat which removes the 5% house commission and offers even money payouts, there is also a Mini Baccarat game that offers even faster action and there is even a progressive version that offers the chance to win a vast amount of money.


Poker is probably the most iconic card game in the world and at Casino King you can enjoy many different versions of it. If you are looking for the most classic casino poker games then look no further than Casino Hold ‘Em, simply build the best Texas Hold ‘Em hand you can and attempt to beat the dealer. Other popular variants of Casino Poker include Caribbean Stud Poker, Tequila Poker, Pai Gow Poker and Red Dog Poker. Of course there are also numerous Video Poker games and these offer the perfect way to hone your card stills and keep the wins coming in. Dive into the world of Card Games and discover the excitement for yourself!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the most common questions about Casino King by reading through our frequently asked questions.
How do I download the Casino King software?
It is easy to download and install our software. Just visit our download page and the download will start automatically. Once it is complete click on ‘Run’ and follow the steps in the installation wizard. Go to download page.
Can I still play without downloading and installing Casino King?
Yes. You can play our games in your web browser using Flash. Simply click on the ‘Demo’ button next to each of the games and you can start playing immediately.
What games are available at Casino King?
We have a huge range of games available. There are hundreds of slot machines including video and classic slots. The slots are based upon all kinds of themes to make sure that there is something for everyone and many are linked to progressive jackpots. You will also find a full range of card and table games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat and many variants of each, including live dealer versions. You can also enjoy video poker, arcade games, scratch cards and more. See all casino games.
Do you offer any special promotions for new members?
All new members are offered a welcome package comprised of a number of deposit bonuses to make sure that they have plenty of funds to play with. Furthermore, there is then a rewarding loyalty scheme and many more promotions to enjoy. See all available promotions.
What payment methods are accepted for deposit and withdrawals?
We offer a wide range of payment methods so that you can deposit funds quickly, easily and most importantly, safely. We accept all major credit and debit cards (such as Visa and MasterCard) as well as a number of e-payment systems such as Skrill, Neteller and Paysafecard. See all available payment options.

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